आर्त शान्ति: फला विद्या

And wings were given to this knowledge that elevates all, wins against all.
The Wings of a Kingfisher that dives deep, soars high and shines brilliantly as it soars.
So that every Welhamite knows at all times who she is and what she is meant to be.


The School Motto, so carefully chosen by Miss Linnell, embodies the essence of the Welham Spirit: Aartha Shanti Phala Vidya - The Fulfilment of Education Is to Bring Peace to the Suffering. While inculcating the best of Indian culture and tradition in its students, the School aims at developing in them a sense of discipline and a spirit of service and fair play.

A Secular Space

The school brings together girls from varied backgrounds and socially diverse groups and instils in them a belief so strong that they learn to appreciate this diversity and become appreciative of one another.

An Equal Air

We celebrate not our riches or the number of campuses we have across the country, but the inherent spirit of a school that has imbued its students with a love for independent thinking and right action. Welhamites have the ability to walk down paths that many others may fear to tread, with the confidence to take initiative and to carry others along.

Mission Statement

This School was born to nature and to aims of the highest order. To send out into the World young persons who were themselves a triumph of Nature. Strong yet gentle, bright yet wise. And capable of taking on their own world. “Make us choose the harder right than the easier wrong” said our Founder, setting us our focus in no uncertain terms, whilst inspiring us to an enlightened humanity within.

Let us then, like ‘Khada Himalaya’ stand steadfastly through thick and thin and continue to exemplify the unity that held us together in School. Let us resolve to maintain and expand our core connection, enjoy being Welhamites and bring memories to life. Most of all let us us keep the Spirit of Welham fresh and the Kingfisher Soaring High.

- Anjali Sapra,WGAA President 2018,

WGAA is proud to announce a 100% pass result for girls under the ’One for One’ program

WGAA is proud to announce a 100% pass result for girls under the ’One for One’ program

It's that time of the year again - the final exams are over and report cards are eagerly awaited! The Welham Girls Alumni Association is proud to announce a 100% pass result of the 33 girls whose education is being sponsored by Ex-Welhamites across the globe through the WGAA's 'One for One' initiative.

Not so long ago, these girls were either begging on the streets of Dehra Dun or selling trinkets at street lights. Shown below are a few of their report cards. Please come forward to help the WGAA support the education of these girls through the Aasraa Trust in Dehra Dun.

'One for One' - ONE Ex-Welhamite for the education of ONE underprivileged girl child.

Please do open and read this link about the work being done by the Aasraa Trust in Dehra Dun. (https://thelogicalindian.com/exclusive/aasraa).

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