Welham LA Chapter Reunion

Welhamites living in the LA area had their first get together of the Welhams LA Chapter and met for brunch at Spice Affair in Beverly Hills.  There were 10 of us ranging from the batch of 1964 to the batch of 2003, 2 from the 2000s, 5 from the 80s and 3 from the 60s, including Maya Swamy, one of the first 10 students.  We were 3 Bullies, 4 Hoopoes, 1 Oriole and 2 Woodies, and had a lovely afternoon connecting over shared school experiences despite our range in ages.  The next get together is planned for April 2019.

Manju Shekar Sundaram

Event Info
Event Info

TYPE Los Angeles Chapter event

Spice Affair Beverly Hills,